Thank You & Heavy New Year 2014!

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HNY 2014

Thank you!

… for supporting Gloryful in 2013, especially since the release of our debut album „The Warrior´s Code“!

And besides the nice poeple at our record company, promoters, booking agency & management, journalists and photographers, we would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the production of our forthcoming album „Ocean Blade“ or helped with his/her special skills in any way!

Darius at Synesthesy Studios for funny vocal-recording sessions! (

Robin Mussmann at BoomBoxStudio for flawless drum recording/edit and guitar reamping and countless live jobs! (

Dan Swanö at Unisound for another mighty album mix! (

Charles Greywolf at Studio Greywolf for the crushing mastering! (

Kris Verwimp for painting another stunning artwork! (

Björn Gooßes at Killustrations for nice graphicworx! (

Silke Kessler at ArtWorx / Conny Jezz for the awesome merchandise & support in many ways (

Tom Row at Frontrow Images for the cool shots! (

Mirko Witzki at miwigraphics for the painful music video! (

Adrian Weiss for joining forces on stage and in the studio! (

We are really looking forward to 2014  – stay tuned for „Ocean Blade“!

…and last but not least: „Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!“



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