„The Warrior´s Code“ LIM. 300 VINYL LP+7″ single SIGNED CARD available now!

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This special release by Metalizer Records comes in heavy 425gsm cardboard cover with lyric sheet. To keep the great sound the songs were carved in a 12″ vinyl LP and a 7″ single!

As a real special this edition includes a autograph card signed by all band members (not part of the photo above..). This release is strictly limited to 300 hand numbered copies only!

There´s only classic black vinyl, no colors or anything, if it´s gone, it´s gone. So buy now or cry later! Release date is 29th November 2013, pre-order NOW!

Side A:

  1. The Riddle Of Steel
  2. Gloryful´s Tale
  3. Heavy Metal- More Than Meets The Eye
  4. The Warrior´s Code
  5. Evil Oath

Side B:

  1. Breaking Destiny
  2. Chased In Fate
  3. Far Beyond Time
  4. Fist Of Steel

Side C:

  1. Sedna´s Revenge

Side D:

  1. Death Of The First Earth


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